El equipo de Maquetación asiste a los equipos a lo largo del proceso de diseño y crea desde maquetas de bocetos hasta simulaciones de edificios a gran escala, sirviéndose de un gran número de herramientas, tanto técnicas y estilos tradicionales como tecnología de vanguardia.

  • Bloomberg
  • The design of the building supports the values of Bloomberg as an organisation and the way it operates. The cores have been pushed to the edges of the building to visually open the floors and reveal a spiralling ramp, the heart of the building, bringing together the people who work in it. In a sense, it is all about community and collaboration – both within the building and the way it embraces its surroundings.
    Michael Jones, Senior Partner and Architect
  • Ipswich holds a special place in our hearts. The Willis Faber Building was a landmark project for the practice, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the town once more. The design of the bridges focuses on enhancing the experience of crossing the Orwell River, increasing interconnectivity and reducing congestion in the town centre.
    Spencer de Grey, Senior Executive Partner and Head of Design
  • Upper Orwell Crossings
  • Snowdon Aviary, ZSL London
  • The redevelopment of the aviary is a unique opportunity to preserve this exceptional structure and the legacy of pioneering architecture at ZSL London Zoo. It will be a great privilege to be able to contribute to the tradition of contemporary architectural additions at one of London’s most cherished institutions.
    Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman