By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which a space will be used. The goal is the creation of interiors that are both functional and elegant, while evoking a sense of place and complementing a building’s outward expression.

  • Norman Foster’s designs have two qualities not normally associated with each other – scale and intimacy.
    Bono and The Edge, U2
  • Kamakura House
  • ME London

  • Design is as much about the fine print as the headlines – the feel of a door handle in your palm, the framing of a painting in an archway, or the delicate play of sunlight on a wall. At every scale, our aim is the synthesis of vision and detail to create a complete, harmonious whole.
    Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman