Urban Design

The design of the public realm is arguably more significant than the collective merits of the individual buildings. The Urban Design Group consists of specialists from a range of backgrounds – including landscape architecture, anthropology, economic development, sociology, urban analysis and computation. By gaining a detailed understanding of context, the group helps to develop projects that are tailored to specific socio-economic, climatic and spatial circumstances.

  • Before we make any part of the world that we inhabit, we first have to design it. This applies from the scale of a city, its public spaces, transport and services, the stations and streets that we pass through every day, to the details of street furniture and benches that are close enough for us to touch. As the ‘urban glue’ that binds a city together, the quality of its infrastructure is arguably more important than the collective merits of individual buildings.
    Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman
  • West Kowloon Cultural District